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4th November 2016

Suffolk staff crowned operational team of the year

The Suffolk energy-from-waste facility has won two more national awards – one for the building and the other for the team running it – and is in line for a third.

The Peel People’s Cup is awarded by the CIWM (Chartered Institution of Wastes Management) to the best operating team of the year. It is recognition that a successful waste operation is heavily dependent on its staff – the people at the sharp end who play such a critical role in the success of the operation.

Paul Leighton, Plant Manager, said: “We have won a number of awards for different aspects of this project, from its design and construction to its many environmental features, which help make it one of the greenest buildings in the country.

“But a fantastic building is nothing without a great team to run it. In our first year of operation, we met or exceeded all of our targets, and that’s down to the great staff we have here. I am delighted this superb team effort has been recognised with this national award.”

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