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15th June 2023

Suffolk Show 2023 success

This year at the Suffolk Show, SUEZ showcased their first energy-generating bike made from a reused bicycle.

Visitors were invited to use their own pedal power to light up a set of fairy lights, demonstrating their commitment to finding eco-friendly solutions and sparking inspiration. By repurposing a bike into an energy-generating device, the team showcased the potential for everyday objects to contribute to renewable energy production – like how the EfW generates energy from Suffolk’s household waste.

Inside the SUEZ tent at Suffolk Show 2023

The annual competition to win a bike was popular, with visitors answering questions from each of the waste and recycling stalls for a chance to win.

Would you like to know the answer to the Suffolk EfW’s question?

How many 8-watt low energy light bulbs can the Suffolk EfW power at the same time?
a. 2,875

b. 2,875,000

c. 28,750

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