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20th April 2020

Suffolk energy-from-waste annual report 2019 published

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK and Suffolk County Council are putting waste to good use in Suffolk

SUEZ and Suffolk County Council have been working in partnership for over five years to process Suffolk’s household waste left over after recycling.

In 2019, we put 265,390 tonnes of waste to good use, using it as a fuel to generate enough electricity to power 41,194 homes. This equates to a saving of 19,694 tonnes of fossil fuels and 134,762 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.

We welcomed 1,368 visitors to the facility from a range of adult and educational groups, and took part in two big events: the Suffolk Show and the national Heritage Open Days scheme.

A further £61,500 was awarded by the SUEZ Communities Trust to community and environmental improvement projects local to the Suffolk facility in 2019, taking the total awarded to more than £500,000 since 2012.

Download the 2019 annual report to find out more information about our performance last year, from health and safety and the environment, to our visitor centre and work in the community.

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