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9th May 2019

Plans announced to maximise the efficiency of the Suffolk energy-from-waste facility

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, who operate the Suffolk energy-from-waste facility, have today announced plans to increase the capacity of the facility. The amount of waste the facility can accept is currently limited to 269,000 tonnes per year but due to the facility’s efficiency, it can process more waste than this and SUEZ is applying to increase the capacity limit to 295,000 tonnes per year.

The plans also account for the gradual downward trend in the energy content of the waste, which is expected to continue as more plastics are recycled, meaning the facility needs to process more of the waste left after recycling to maintain the level of electricity it provides to the grid.

Suffolk is good when it comes to recycling, with residents recycling and composting around 50% of their waste. The role of Suffolk energy-from-waste facility is to take the waste left after recycling and put this to good use as a fuel to generate electricity. The facility can only accept residual waste from households and businesses in the East of England and the majority of the waste it accepts, currently around 75%, comes from Suffolk, with the remainder coming from Norfolk and Essex. Under the plans, the additional waste would continue to come from this area.

There would be limited impact on people living near the facility, with no changes needed to the building or the way the facility is run, and only an estimated eight extra deliveries per day. Emissions from the facility are tightly controlled and would remain within the limits set out in the facility’s existing environmental permit to protect the environment. This is entirely consistent with the original planning permission.

Paul Newby, Plant Manager for SUEZ said: “We are entering our fifth year of putting Suffolk’s waste to good use. The facility is performing well and working efficiently and increasing the amount of waste we can accept will allow us to use Suffolk’s award-winning facility to its full potential.

“We are holding information sessions at the facility for local residents, where members of our team will be on hand to answer questions and there will be opportunities to take a short tour of the facility.”

Information session are being held in The Orwell room, Suffolk energy-from-waste facility, Lodge Lane, Great Blakenham, Suffolk  IP6 0JE on

  • Friday 07 June 2019 from 4pm to 8pm
  • Saturday 08 June 2019 from 10am to 2pm

Tours will take place at half past the hour, you will be able to sign up to take a tour on arrival and ten places are available on each tour.

For more information, please download:

Suffolk energy-from-waste facility news – Spring 2019

Suffolk energy-from-waste facility capacity increase frequently asked questions

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