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25th November 2017

In the community

We welcome visitors to our facility but we know groups cannot always make it to site, so we go and visit them. Most of the outreach work that we do is with schools and we also visit community groups.

In September as part of National Recycling Week, in partnership with Suffolk County Council and FCC who run Suffolk’s household waste recycling centres, we ran a waste and recycling day at Shotley Community Primary School. This was a great day enjoyed by all. After a quiz in assembly themed around the 4 R’s ‘reduce, reuse, recycle, recover’, each class in the school spent an hour with us. All of the children took part in ‘mission possible’ where they were challenged to make useful things from recycled materials. One group made a bag to store all their stationary for school, and another student made flip flops. They were all so creative and imaginative, it was very impressive.

The younger children had their recycling knowledge tested by sorting waste into the different bins and then learnt about the energy from waste process using a video and hand actions. The older students learnt about bauxite, the ore used to make aluminium, and how it has to mined. They compared how long it took to mine for bauxite compared to recycling aluminium cans. To highlight that 95% of energy is saved by recycling rather than using raw resources, they then did some mining themselves but this was for chocolate buttons!

In November, we supported the learning about work day at Claydon High School, where our community liaison manger ran mock interviews with students. The day was designed to equip students for the working world and help them to establish what skills they need for the careers they aspire to.

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